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Steam Whistle Brewing and CONTACT 2010 present Cross Section

Steam Whistle Brewing and the Ontario College of Art & Design are proud to present Cross Section a juried exhibition of work from 3rd year students in the photography program at OCAD. This exciting collection of images explores the relationships between family, self and perception. Cross Section is the first of two shows on exhibit at Steam Whistle Brewery as part of CONTACT 2010- the largest photography event in the world.

Many of the young artists in Cross Section grew up with access to images and information at their fingertips. Cross Section explores the impact of unlimited opportunity and technological advancements on both the notion of photographic capture, and the development of young artistic voices.

The images in this exhibition function in the spaces between hyper-reality, fiction and evidence as these emerging artists create highly constructed narratives that reference and reconfigure imagery found in our media-based world. These artists also re-examine the history of photography to expose and exploit the new technologies that drive the current photographic reality. Cross Section also displays images that push and bend the understanding of a new dynamic vision. For the viewer, the result is a window that provides traces of the artists’ lives, re-worked and reframed within this contemporary politic of accessibility and expansive communication of images.

Cross Section features the photographs of: Mauricio Alvarez, Katherine Lamb, Taimaz Moslemian, Matt Skujins, Anna Snyder, Elise Victoria Louise Windsor, and Joan Wilson.

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, May 05, 2010
End Date: Friday, May 21, 2010
Event Type: Party
Location: Steam Whistle Gallery
Time: Opening Night Reception May 5 at 7pm-Show on display until the May 21, 2010
Ticket: free