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Memories of Enemies on display at Steam Whistle Brewery

Memories of Enemies is a deeply moving, masterfully eclectic collection of artwork that draws on the monsters, goblins, and witches that invaded our bedrooms, and the delusions that overcame all of us as children.

Prepare to be spooked in time for Halloween by Steam Whistle’s October Art Show entitled Memories of Enemies. Roben Nieuwland, Ilichna Morasky, Ale Diaz, Selena Wong, Franzisca Barczyk, Britt Wilson, Hyein Lee, and Vicki Nerino come together and revisit what frightened them as children, and inspire their creative vision as adults. Memories of Enemies is a deeply moving, masterfully eclectic collection of artwork that draws on the monsters, goblins, and witches that invaded our bedrooms, and the delusions that overcame all of us as children. Face your childhood fears with all eight artists on Opening Night, Wednesday October 6, 2010 from 7-11pm at Steam Whistle Brewery, The Roundhouse, 255 Bremner Blvd., Toronto. Happy Halloween!

About the Artists & the “Enemies” that scared them as Children:

Roben Nieuwland is a Toronto based artist whose creative process incorporates rummaging through old rusted machinery, old wallpaper scrapbooks, and old derelict signs- the older the better. Working primarily in mixed media and using anything from collage to delicate fabric impressions to crude metal stencils, his decorative and textural work can be seen in both gallery and commercial outlets.

Like most children, messy bedrooms happen without much effort. However messy they become, it always seems to be in perfect order according to our childlike standards. Like order within chaos. Amazingly we as children can work around the chaos, remembering where we placed our favourite toys. When the play day was over, all my favourite belongings would be waiting where I left them to be played with the following day. The moment I awoke, to my bewildered eyes, all my precious toys had been relocated into a multitude of bins, separated based on category. Mystified, my childlike mind could not comprehend this system of order and believed that the toys where conspiring against me. While I was in a deep slumber, these devious toys rejected my friendship and hid high up along shelves and buried neatly in boxes. The truth of this situation surfaced once my brain had developed to an adequate level of understanding for the need of order in the universe that was my bedroom.


Ilichna Morasky is a Chilean born, Brampton raised artist who enjoys eating, doodling hair, staring at plant life, dreaming, sleeping, dreaming while sleeping, the strangely familiar, and tea… all to excess.

This will be a series of storytelling works with a universal moral. In this depiction, every person is fairly realistically represented except everyone has a tree atop their shoulders instead of a head. It follows one particular ‘tree head’ where the roots are sprouting instead of the branches. This tree head is different, unaccepted by the majority, generally tortured throughout life by the fact that it is unlike any other and thus will never grow towards the sky like everyone else. It follows this character throughout its childhood where the first enemies are made. Then eventually, you discover that the branches of the average ‘tree head’ will grow upwards into emptiness, into the clouds where they hang frivolously, having fully discovered what everyone else in the world would strive for only to find a very mild sort of satisfaction. The irregular one grows into the ground, slowly feasting off untapped nutrients, growing in a more complicated and beautiful manner, discovering an unparalleled magic within an undiscovered realm, and soon more would try to follow.


Ale Diaz was born in Mexico City. She grew up in what Andre Breton, the father of Surrealism, called "the surrealist country by nature", among colorful houses and impossible streets. She came to Canada to study art as a commercial practice and graduated from the Bachelor of Applied Arts Illustration program at Sheridan College in 2008. Her decision to leave the benign climates of Mexico is often questioned but it is part of her life journey as an illustrator, fine artist and individual seeking un-walked roads. She is currently exhibiting and selling her art in the GTA.

Fairies and monsters became our enemies when they left us. Memories of enemies is a chance for Ale to bring to life fantastic beings from our childhood with whom we have unfinished business. With a little bit of folklore and some Mexican spice we will get the chance to confront unfair tooth faeries and ugly Easter bunnies, among others, who failed to be the fantastic magical creatures we expected them to be.


Selena Wong was born in Hong Kong, under the sign of the twins. She now lives and works in Toronto as an artist and freelance illustrator. Like the condensed urban environment of her place of birth, Selena’s work reflects the petit surroundings, the places tucked away, forgotten, and removed from reality. Interested in superstition, folklore and the fantastical, Selena's meticulously detailed translations of her daydreams and nightmares are both playful and disturbing.

My enemies are individuals, particularly children, who cause harm to living creatures at an early age. Acts of cruelty such as: the pinning of butterflies and moths, the demolition of spider's intricate webs, or the rocking of the ant homes are inexcusable in the damage they cause. This careless negligence will be punished by reversing the roles, thus exposing the cruelty of these acts that might have once seemed puny and insignificant.


Franzisca Barczyk has a Hungarian background and was born in Germany with her twin sister on a September morning. She moved with half of her family to Toronto Canada in 1996. A few years later she enrolled at the University of Toronto for General Arts and Science but soon found that she would be happier pursuing a career in Illustration. She attended the Ontario College of Art and Design and graduated in 2008. With her free spirited style she has found work in the opposite designing maps, website design, logos and has done two design internships one with Parishil design studio and one with enRoute magazine in Montreal. Furthermore she has had the chance to exhibit her Illustrations around Toronto and continues to work on her style.

Franzisca likes to create visual tensions by using bold colours and emphasis on line work. The result is a flare of humor and a simple graphical style. The focus for this exhibition will reveal two directions of her memories. One will be a look into the small city environment fused with superstitions and the natural landscape. And the other is a focus on the memories of her relationship between her and her twin sister, the rivalries that reveal a fight of the self.


Britt Wilson was born under the sea and spent her formative years collecting shiny things and singing show tunes with crustaceans. But soon her carefree life was disturbed by dreams of paint and ink. She found that living life underwater seriously inhibited the use of water soluble pigments. To save money she commuted until she earned her BAA in Illustration from Sheridan College, and now lives on dry land full-time, comicking comics and painting paintings.

Childhood is like one big game of broken telephone. The mundane rhythm of Life through the liberal application of overactive imaginations and sheer ignorance become the details around which lives are lived, battles are won and lost, and scores are settled before the streetlight comes on. The focus of my pieces will be to highlight the journey of these objects, people and events from the beginning of the broken telephone, 'til its conclusion.


Hyein Lee is an Engineer turned an Illustrator, who used tonot like her job. She gave up her big fat pay cheque to pursue her dream as an illustrator. She is poor now, but somehow a lot happier. She is currently pursuing MFA at Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. Hyein completed her Engineering degree at the University of Toronto and worked as a geological engineer in Alberta. She also completed her Illustration degree at Sheridan College in 2008 with Hambly & Woolley Best in Show Award. As a freelance illustrator, her work has been published in magazines such as Canadian Family, Shameless, Ricepaper, Crow Toe Quarterly and Applied Arts. Her recent exhibitions include Lonely Robots (Magic Pony,Toronto), From Me to You (Show & Tell Gallery, Toronto), SOS (Project 165,Toronto) and Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition (Toronto).

From aliens, robots with red eyes, dust bunnies underneath my bed and big foot.
And things that go bump in the night. Good Lord, deliver us!


Vicki Nerino was born and raised in the blustery woods of Northern Ontario where she first learned what it meant to be "au natural". Years later, she migrated south where she attended Sheridan College and earned herself a fancy shmancy degree in Illustration (which she has since lost all physical proof of in a sea of drawings and bills). Since graduation, she has launched her illustration career, started her own applique purse and accessory business, writes and prints her own comics, and has begun to appear in gallery shows around the city of Toronto.

Sex, cynicism, and decay have always been a concern, only we didn't know it when we were kids… all we knew was that old people were scary and smelled bad.

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Opening Reception at Steam Whistle Brewery, The Roundhouse, 255 Bremner Blvd. Toronto, ON: Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 7pm-11pm. ADMISSION IS FREE

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, October 06, 2010
End Date: Sunday, October 31, 2010
Event Type: Art
Location: Steam Whistle Brewery, The Roundhouse, 255 Bremner Blvd. Toronto
Time: Opening Night Party October 6, 7-11pm, exhibit on display untill Halloween!
Ticket: free