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Tangled Wires (BC)

Steam Whistle proudly supports Tangled Wires.

This exhibit highlights 10 of Vancouver’s up and coming painters exploring paths less traveled in their respective mediums and genres. Split up into pairs with an eye for combining contrasting styles, artists will collaborate on five gallery installations as well as hanging a selection of new works. An exploration of creating outside the comfort zone, this project encourages artists to work together in finding innovative solut...ions to fulfill their individual and shared artistic vision.

Curated by Indigo.

Brent Clowater http://www.brentclowater.c​om/
Andy Dixon
Adam Dodd
Indigo http://indigosadventures.w​
Alison Lilly http://alisonlilly.blogspo​
Robert Mearns
Colin Moore http://www.illustratemoore​.com/
Scott Sueme
Andrew Young​/

All artists will be in attendance at the exhibit.

Music by BIKES

Exhibit closes September 4, 2011​m/

Event Details

Date: Sunday, September 04, 2011
Event Type: Art
Location: Ayden Gallery
Time: 7:00-11:00PM