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Barrel Bragging Rights 2012

Part of Toronto Beer Week 2012.

The Monks Table on Yonge St. will once again host the Barrel Bragging Rights competition on Friday September 14th to kick off the 3rd annual Toronto Beer Week. Barrel Bragging Rights is a competition bringing together beer writers and brewers to make one-off beers that will be served from oak barrels. A panel of judges will decide who has the Barrel Bragging Rights for 2012, while the event is open for anyone to come and taste the special beers, and chat with the brewers about their creations. So far, there are 6 confirmed pairs who are participating in the competition, and with last year's winners (Chris Grimley of Beer With Me TO and Great Lakes Brewery) opting out, it is anyone's game.


Erica's and Matt's inspiration for their brew? 

"Matt and I were chatting about beer at a Brew Market event at the Brickworks earlier this summer. We talked about how it is often the biggest, boldest beers that see the inside of a barrel: imperial stouts, porters, strong Belgians, and the like. While these are great styles, we both wanted to brew something lighter, that could be intriguing, satisfying, and refreshing at the same time. It was a challenge coming up with a recipe that would accomplish this, while still being able to stand up to the oak character of the barrel. Come on out to the event and let us know if we were successful!"



Event Details

Date: Friday, September 14, 2012
Event Type: Food and Drink
Location: The Monk's Table, 1276 Yonge St, just north of the Summerhill TTC station.
Time: 5pm
Ticket: $30 (tax incl) at the door, which gets you a branded Barrel Bragging Rights 2012 glass, some nibblies, and beer samples until the barrels run dry.