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Fall Classic

Steam Whistle supports Fall Classic!

Late October finds the baseball season nearing its end, but also at its most exciting. A full season has been narrowed down to two teams, competing for one of professional sports' greatest prizes, the World Series title - also affectionately known as the "Fall Classic".

GCBC would love for you to join us to help celebrate the spirit of the season at "Fall Classic", our second art show - hosted at SMASH (2880 Dundas St. W, Toronto).

We've drafted an absolute all-star team for this show, featuring some ret

urning veterans and rookies who are knocking out of the park.

The starting line-up is:

Rob Baytor
Alex Bierk
Darren Booth
Julia Breckenreid
Graeme Cameron
Sandra Dionisi
C.R. Fieldhouse
Jeff Garcia
Leslie Gauthier
Darryl Graham
Patrick Gray
Adam Hilborn
Bryce Huffman
Irma Kniivila
Jamie Lawson
Erin McCutcheon
Kagan McLeod
Erin McPhee
Dushan Milic
Joe Morse
Dave Murray
Jacqui Oakley
Pete Ryan
Jon Todd

We hope to see you there!

Event Details

Date: Friday, October 26, 2012
Event Type: Sports
Location: SMASH! 2880 Dundas West - Toronto
Time: 7pm-11pm