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The Vicious Cycles ‘T SHIRT RELEASE PARTY’



Solidarity Rock, an artist run organization working to partner musicians, artists and creative people in Cuba, Canada and beyond is bringing Cuban hardcore punk rock band Arrabio to Canada for an 8 date tour this fall. In January 2012 ARRABIO and THE VICIOUS CYCLES undertook a history making tour of Cuba, performing together throughout the island for seven shows, and will reunite onstage in Vancouver on October 12 at the Astoria Pub. In July 2012 local producer Jesse Gander (Japandroids, White Lung) travelled to Trinidad Cuba to document ARRABIO, producing and recording their first full length album. 

ARRABIO hail from Trinidad, Cuba, the 500 year old jewel of the nations Caribbean coast. ARRABIO has been witness to many rock n roll firsts, including the first Canadian and American bands to tour their country. Now, they will become the first Cuban rock band to tour outside of Cuba, in support of their new album “Hecho En Trinidad”. The album was recorded July 2012 in Trinidad, Cuba by Canadian recording engineer Jesse Gander (Japandroids, White Lung,).  The band has distilled its unique sound, carving out a spot in the international hardcore community after years in isolation. Whereas it was once illegal in Cuba to play or listen to rock n roll, this 4-piece has been at the forefront of creating a DIY rock n roll revolution in Cuba. Guitarist William Garcia is also the co-founder of Solidarity Rock. Through Solidarity Rock, ARRABIO has toured Cuba four times with bands from across Western Canada and the United States.


Since the summer of 2007, a tattooed team of ratty rockers have been rumbling through venues across Western Canada. In January of 2012, they embarked on a 7 date, history making tour of Cuba, performing at some cities first ever punk shows and contributing to the already burgeoning rock scenes in Havana, Trinidad and more. This surly mob of rockers have built a rep for their motorbike-obsessed rock 'n' roll and wild, fear-inducing live show. On more than one occasion, these guys have been known to ride their bikes right into the venue.
Elements of classic 70's punk, garage and maybe even some wild 50's proto punk are found on the Cycles' debut album ‘The Strange and Terrible Saga of…’, but above all, it shows that they are truly disciples of rock 'n' roll's timeless gospel. 


Event Details

Date: Friday, October 12, 2012
Event Type: Party
Location: The Astoria Pub, 769 East Hastings Street Vancouver
Time: 10pm
Ticket: $10 at the door