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Glitter Gluch Wednesdays @ The Black Dog in Edmonton

Glitter Gulch Wednesdays! Best Rides... Worst Wrecks… Weekly DJs, Live Music once a month, and $4.25 Steam Whistle Pilsner pints and $3.00 Jager shots!

WEDNESDAYS Main Floor: RetroActive Radio with LL Cool Joe. Alternative 80’s and 90’s, Post Punk, New Wave, Garage, Brit, Mod, Rock and Roll. Wooftop: Soul//Breaks with Dr. Erick Steam Whistle pints $4.25 and bottles $4.00 Jager shots $3.00 Glitter Gulch Wednesdays Best Rides... Worst Wrecks… Live Music once a month.

Day: Wednesday
Event Type: Music
Location: The Black Dog Freehouse, Edmonton AB

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