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Keirra's Drunken Potatoes

Combine all ingredients in a pan glass or metal Cover wit...

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Margaret Horn Burger

College: Liaison College Barrie Student Name: Mar...

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Market Mango & Red Pepper BBQ Sauce

This recipe made its debut at the St Lawrence Market BBQ and...

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McSkinney's Irish Stew with Dumplings

By Ellen McKinney, in honour of her Irish heritage. "...

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Moose Brewski Chili

Adapted from Chef Gerry Crewe's Cooking with Beer; Favou...

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Musical Maple BBQ Sauce

Many of the Steam Whistle tour guides are musicans. Many of ...

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Nuno Cordeiro Burger

College: Liaison Hamilton Student Name: Nuno Cord...

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P.E.I Steam Whistle Lobster

This delicious recipe was submitted by Chef Josh Gonneau ...

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Parrot Sticks with Steam Whistle Chicken Sauce

Prepared by Team Cedar Grilling, the 2006 Canadian Open BBQ ...

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Petatou de Chevre Frais avec Truite Fumee (Potato goat cheese salad with smoked trout)

Created by Marc Breton, Executive Chef at The Gladstone Hote...

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