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Nuno Cordeiro Burger

College: Liaison Hamilton

Student Name: Nuno Cordeiro



Saute the shallots with 1oz of butter adding as well all of the herbs, season with to taste with salt and pepper. Mix the shallots together with the ground veal also adding bread crumbs and cream, seasoning to taste with salt and pepper.

Shape the burger paddies , you will need double the amount of paddies for the number of burgers that you wish to make, each with 1oz. Put a piece of butter (0,70oz) between 2 paddies and press them sealing the butter inside.

When the burgers are shaped pass them trough a standard breading procedure in which you are passing the burgers trough the flour first, then egg wash and then bread crumbs.

After completing refrigerate the breaded burgers.

When cooking brown the burgers on a sauté pan with some oil so it wont stick, after placing them burgers on a sheet pan and baking them at 325f for about 15 to 20 min, enough time to cook the meat and for the butter to melt away from the center of the burger. The pocket inside the burger is to be filled with mushroom ketchup using a piping bag, Cover the hole with aciago cheese slice and put it in the oven for a few minutes so it can melt

Burger Buns Challal Bread) 8 portions (1,5oz each)

Start by melting the butter and mixing the yeast with room temperature Steam Whistle Pilsner, after the yeast has bloomed you can mix all the liquids together (honey, egg, beer, melted butter).

Once everything is well mixed you will need to work the doe to develop a certain degree of gluten, after you will proof the doe in a covered pan until it doubles it size.

After the doe has proofed divide it in to 1,5oz buns that you will brush with some egg wash and bake in an oven at 350f for about 15 to 20 minutes.


Sweet Sour Onion 8 portion

Saute the onions with a little oil until they start to brown adding after sugar and the vinegar. Cook some of the liquid off. 

Mushroom Ketchup

Mix the sugar with 600g of red wine vinegar and bring it to a boil, chop the mushrooms in quarters and mix them with the boiling red wine vinegar and refrigerate for 24 hours to pickle the mushrooms.

Once you have the pickled mushrooms and their juice ready. Bring to a simmer 240g of red wine, 120g of red wine vinegar the shallot, mace and the cloves, adding the mushrooms juice and reducing by 2/3.

After you thicken it with the cornstarch by cooking the cornstarch bringing it to a boil. Chop the pickled mushrooms and add them to the mixture.

This ketchup is to be inserted into the center of the burgers using a piping bag, once they finish baking



Burgers with pocket 8 portions(2oz each)


  • Ground Veal                         1 pound         
  • Cream                                    4oz          
    Bread Crumbs                       3oz                
  • Shallots                                 2,5oz              
  • Butter(unsalted)                    5 0z                
  • Salt                                         1 teasp             
  • Pepper                                    1\\\\2 teasp          
  • Thyme                                     2 teasp            


Burger Buns Challal Bread) 8 portions (1,5oz each)

  • Honey                                                   1oz                  
  • Salt                                                       0,20oz        
  • Bread Flour                                          7oz                   
  • Yeast                                                    0,15oz
  • Steam Whistle Pilsner                          2oz                  
  • Eggs                                                        1                      
  • Butter                                                     1oz                  
  • Egg wash                                                1oz                  


Sweet Sour Onion 8 portion


  • Onion (sliced)                   5oz               
  • Sugar                                 3oz                
  • Vinegar                               3oz              

Mushroom Ketchup


  • Mushrooms (button)               400g
  • Red wine vinegar                      720g
  • Red wine                                    240g
  • Shallots                                       1
  • Sugar                                         200g
  • Mace                                         ¼ teasp
  • Cloves                                                  
  • Cornstarch                                    1,5oz