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Blue Whistle Sliders

College: Liaison Hamilton

Student Name: Shari Huffman

2oz      (56g)    Prosciutto, cut into 8 pieces sized to cover top of burger patty(accounting for shrinkage during frying)

8 fiddleheads (well-formed)

Romaine lettuce leaves for base (for presentation if desired)


Making the buns

  1. Combine dry ingredients and pinch in cold butter until finely mixed.
  2. Bloom yeast in warmed milk and and egg to mixture.
  3. Combine and knead until dough is springing back.
  4. Proof until doubled in size
  5. Punch down and form into small buns (about 1.5 oz )
  6. Proof again until buns are increased to desired size.
  7. Bake in 375 F oven.


Making the veal

  1. Combine Panko crumbs with the buttermilk and allow crumbs to soak up the liquid and soften.
  2. Add to ground veal
  3. Add minced prosciutto, cheese and the rest of the ingredients.
  4. Sample a small amount of cooked ground veal mixture and adjust seasonings.
  5. Form into 2oz patties


Making the fig spread

  1. Chop figs into small uniform pieces and sauté with a small amount of butter.
  2. Add minced garlic and sweat.
  3. Add beer and deglaze.  Reduce au sec
  4. Add balsamic vinegar and blue cheese, stir until almost melted.


For the garnishes:

  1. Fry prosciutto pieces in oil until crispy.  Place directly on slider patty.
  2. Blanch fiddleheads.  Sauté in small amount of butter with salt and pepper to season.
  3. Place on top of the prosciutto slice.




For the veal:

16oz    ( 454g)             ground  Delft Blue veal

2oz      ( 56g)               Panko bread crumbs

6oz      (176ml)            buttermilk

2floz    (58ml)             heavy cream

2floz    ( 58ml)            whole egg

2oz      ( 56g)               prosciutto

2 oz     ( 56g)               grated parmesan cheese

to taste                         oyster sauce

to taste                         hot Chili sauce

to taste                         ground black pepper

For the fig spread:

6oz         (170g)           ( about 8) dried figs

5.8 floz  (170ml)         ( 1/2 bottle) Steam Whistle Pilsner

4 cloves                       garlic minced, macerated

2oz         (56g)             blue cheese     

to taste                         balsamic vinegar

to taste                         salt and ground black pepper


For the buns: 

8 oz     (226g)              bread flour

8 oz     (226g)              pastry flour

2oz      (56g)                cocoa

2.2oz   (63g)                butter

1.6oz  (92g)                sugar

2oz      (58ml)             whole egg

10 oz  (294ml)            milk

.38 oz              (10.6g)             yeast

.25oz   (7g)                  salt