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Gustavo Castro Burger

Gustavo Castro from Liaison College Vaughan

Veal Hamburger II


Cook the onions and the garlic to golden brown, add the Steam Whistle Pilsner and let it evaporate when is done put them aside. Cut the bread into pieces and put it in a bowl to soak in the milk for a few minutes. Separately, mix the meat with the rest of the ingredients, add the cooled onion and garlic and the bread lightly squeeze, make a good paste, form meat balls approximately 100g / 3.57 oz each and then press down to make the hamburgers. Let them rest, preferable over night. It could be barbeque, fry pan or oven cook. Serve warm on a homemade soft bun.


Steam Whistle Pilsner Buns


Mixing; straight dough method 10 to 12 minutes at 2nd speed.

Fermentation; 2 hours at 27c (80 F).

Scaling and makeup; make small balls about 110 – 120 grams (3.9 – 4.2 oz) each.

Proofing; keep the small balls in a oil oven sheet, brush lightly with olive oil and let rest for 10 minutes covered at 30 c ( 86 F ).

Baking; 190 c to 200 c ( 375 F to 400 F ) for about 20 minutes.



Steam Whistle Pilsner Buns

Fresh Yeast 30 g 1.060 oz

Milk (warm) 40 g 1.41 oz.

Honey 2 Tbsp 2 Tbsp

Shortening 57g 2 oz.

Steam Wishtle Pilsner 250 Ml 8.45 oz

All- purpose flour 500 g 17.64 oz

Salt ½ tsp ½ tsp

Veal Hamburger II

Delft Bleu Veal 500g 1.100 L

Onions (chopped) 30 1.5 oz

Garlic (chopped) 6g 0.2 oz

Steam Wishtle Pilsner 100 ml 3.5 oz

Whole Milk 125 ml 4.5 oz

Worcestershire sauce 5 ml 1tsp

Eggs 1 1

Parsley 1g 0.04 oz

Sandwich bread 3 slices 3 slices

Olive oil 50 ml 1.8 oz

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste