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Steam Whistle Royale

This one's a toasting drink! by Ellen McKinney

New Year's celebrations of the past have been no stranger to Champagne salutes. One popular holiday sparkling toaster is the Kir Royale, champagne laced with Cassis liquor. At dinner parties, I'll admit to having coyly wowed guests with the drink, made simply with the least expensive sparkling wine that's been dolled up with the ruby liquor. But a Kir Royale made with authentic Champagne is a magical treat. For beer lovers, I have concocted this New Year's beverage using the Champagne of beers, Steam Whistle Pilsner. Beer afficianados at the Royal York's Craft Beer Celebration in November 2002 who taste tested the libation gave their approval. Raise your glasses good beer folks! Here's to a premium new year!


Pour the Cassis into a Champagne flute. If desired, toss a strawberry, cherry or frozen raspberries into the glasses for a charming touch. Top with Steam Whistle. Toast away!

I like to chill the Cassis before using it. You may fill the glasses with crushed ice, if desired.


  • 1 oz Cassis liquor*
  • 6 oz (half a bottle) STEAM WHISTLE PILSNER