For a limited time in specially-marked suitcase 12-packs of Steam Whistle Pilsner, check under the bottle caps for your chance to find the ultimate bottle opener, crafted out of solid gold! You can find these specially-marked suitcase 12-packs in Ontario Beer Stores & rural Retail Partner stores, and Alberta private retailers.

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Is it real gold?

Yes! Steam Whistle enlisted the artisanship of Mark Bontius, a metal smith from Orangeville, Ontario. He’s the same skilled craftsman who makes the brewery’s pewter tap handle medallions and belt buckles. He started with our 2005 retro opener design (a favourite among our staff) to create a mold and then he cast and polished six of the most spectacular golden openers.

Imagine opening a bottle with this sparkling $3200 beauty!

A great necessity

When Steam Whistle first opened its doors, we resurrected an old-fashioned glass bottle with a smooth top. This bottle cap offers a superior seal, keeping out air and locking in brewery freshness, just the way our Brewmaster Marek intended our Pilsner to taste. A bottle opener will be necessary to pry off the cap, but then you can enjoy the smooth mouthfeel while imbibing our tasty Pilsner.