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Steam Whistle - Do One Thing Really, Really Well

3FG - Three Fired Guys

3FG - Three Fired Guys

Founding partners, Greg Taylor, Cameron Heaps and Gregory Cromwell, met while working together at the Upper Canada Brewing Company (Taylor as VP Sales, Cam, son of Frank Heaps - founder of Upper Canada, as MIS Supervisor, and Cromwell as VP Marketing). After Upper Canada Brewing was sold to Sleeman's, and the Toronto brewery was closed, the three friends went to work elsewhere. But beer was in their blood, so they incorporated as "The Three Fired Guys" and started building a business plan. After 2 years, their dream became a reality when they opened Steam Whistle Brewing in March 2000. Heaps and Taylor have always run the brewery, while Cromwell moved down under with his Australian wife shortly after the brewery opened. (photo credit Martin Lyons)

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