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Eye Weekly Readers Choice Award

In December 2007, eye Magazine published its annual Reader's Poll: thanks for voting Steam Whistle "Ontario's Best Microbrewery" once again!

Eye Weekly Awards
Entrepreneure of the Year

In October 2007 and previously in October 2006, Cam Heaps and Greg Taylor, co-founders of Steam Whistle Brewing, were jointly named Finalists in the "Entrepreneurs of the Year" competition held annually by Ernst and Young to recognize the outstanding business success of Canada's Entrepreneurs.

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Immigrant Success Award

In September 2007, Steam Whistle was awarded the Immigrant Success Award, in the Small Employer category, by the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council. More than half the Steam Whistle management team is comprised of skilled immigrants, including a Czech Brewmaster, Sri Lankan CFO and Director of Marketing, Portuguese Bottling Supervisor, and Cuban Quality Assurance Manager.

Calgary Beerfest People's Choice Award

In June 2007, we were proud to have our Premium Pilsner win the People's Choice Award at the Calgary Beer Fest. Being relatively new to Alberta, this award was extra special for us, showing how Calgarians have opened their hearts to our independent Canadian brew.

Calgary Beerfest People's Choice Award
Elsie Awards

In June 2007, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario recognized Steam Whistle Brewing as this year's Best Special Event award recipient for our series of high energy events in LCBO stores. Our "Indie Spotlight at the LCBO" featured live performances by the indie band "The Suits XL" and cooking demos by Food TV's Chef Ellen McKinney. One lucky customer won a coveted Gibson Guitar.

Team Cedar Grilling

In July 2007, Team Cedar Grilling was crowned Canadian Open BBQ Champions for a second year in a row! They took 1st place in ribs with their delectable Steam Whistle BBQ sauce. While they're still competing this summer they won't release that recipe, but stay tuned to their website for other great Steam Whistle-inspired fare.

To learn more about Team Cedar Grilling, click here.

Top 40 Under 40

In May 2007, the younger of our Steam Whistle Co-founders, Cam Heaps, was named one of the TOP 40 UNDER 40 young business leaders in the country.

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Clean Air Partnership

Steam Whistle Brewery was proud to be honoured in May 2007 by Toronto's Clean Air Partnership as only one of 21 'Green Buildings' named in their Green Companion Guide. It was our many environmental initiatives that helped us to win this recognition, such as adopting 100% green electricity from Bullfrog Power; foregoing nasty Freon air conditioning and instead using Enwave's Deep Lake Water Cooling; replacing our own boiler on site with Enwave's efficient District Steam Heat for bottle washing, heating our brewing water and warming our building; all of our packaging is either reused or recycled; we use Biodiesel in our delivery fleet and our beer cups are made of a corn resin that is 100% biodegradable.

Ontario Brewing Awards 2007

On April 4, 2007 the Ontario Brewing Awards announced this year's winning brews - Steam Whistle Pilsner, for the second time, takes Gold in the Pilsner Category. We're proud when our efforts are noticed. Marek Mikunda, Brewmaster for Steam Whistle, accepted the award. He hails from Prague, Czech Republic, the birthplace of Pilsners. Marek's passionate commitment to quality is what makes us Canada's Premium Pilsner.

Greatest Canadian Invention

In January 2007, The CBC announced that Steam Whistle's 12-pack suitcase design was among the "50 Greatest Canadian Inventions"! Canadian creations ranging from the canoe to the telephone, poutine and even the G suit and pace maker were nominated, and our pop-up carrying handle ranked 22nd out of the 50 top inventions.

It's the original 1957 12-pack suitcase with the pop-up handle and its creator, Steven Pasjack, who were up for the award, but Steam Whistle Brewing, and Andrew Kimmel who designed our version, are receiving accolades for reviving this handy package in 2001.

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