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Mike Kiraly talks to Ottawa's Live 88.5 about the latest edition to our vintage fleet, Retro Electro

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Live 88.5

Mike Kiraly talks to am 1150 in B.C. about cooking with Steam Whistle and how you can easily work beer into your own recipes at home.

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AM 1150

Greg Taylor talks to Hamilton's AM 820 about starting your own business and tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Hamilton AM 820

Matt Weed and Chris Goddard talk UNSIGNED indie concert #10 with Dave Bookman on The Edge. To listen in on the latest bands we're promoting visit

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Edge 102

Meghan Mesheau and Tim McLaughlin talk with Dave Bookman on The Edge about our convenient Home Delivery service..

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Edge 102

Steam Whistle Brewing was awarded the Environmental Award of Excellence at the Green Toronto Awards. As word got around, the Canadian Embassy in Washington called to include Steam Whistle's Green Story in their American Earth Week celebrations. Listen in to their podcast with Steam Whistle's Director of Marketing, Sybil Taylor.

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Environment Canada

Meet Retro Electro - Our Vintage Hot Rod powered by 100% Green Electricity