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What is a Pilsner?

Czech Republic

Pilsner is a style of lager that originated in Plzen, Czechoslovakia in 1842.

Prior to that time, most beers were made with top-fermenting yeast and were dark in colour and somewhat hazy. In 1842, an innovative Czech Brewery used a ground-breaking technique of methodical bottom fermenting with a new strain of yeast. The resulting brew, coined 'Pilsner', was a refreshing, golden beer with a nice balance of malt body and bitterness, and very drinkable.

Nowadays more than half the beer production of the world is modeled after this Pilsner type of lager, some more faithful to this initial recipe than others. Steam Whistle brews our Pilsner true to this original style.

In 2008 our Czech-born Brewmaster, Marek Mikunda commissioned a new brewhouse to be built in the Czech Republic. This allows us to employ the same decoction method of brewing used in the Czech Republic, where part of the mash is boiled at higher temperatures to carmelize the barley sugars resulting in a rich, malty flavour and a creamier head on the poured beer.

Marek Mikunda - Steam Whistle's Czech Brew Master
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