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Posts from May 2012

Posted on May 29, 2012 by Marina

What’s the story behind Steam Whistle retro golden openers this year? For those who have been wondering, we’re finally letting you know. (Well, sort of!) Every year between April – June,  in order to make it easier for beer lovers to open and enjoy our Pilsner, we include a retro style opener inside our suitcase 12 packs. This is our 8th year in running this promotion and we’ve included thousands of these openers in our cases! But wait a minute….. this year we decided to make it extra special and hid a limited number of Golden Openers throughout the specially […]


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Posted on May 24, 2012 by Marina

Summer is here and this means that golf courses are opening their doors. For all those golfing enthusiasts, you know that there’s quite nothing like enjoying a cold beer while playing a round with your friends under the sun… That being said, we’d love to introduce you to the first ever Steam Whistle custom golf cart: This beauty was designed by our very own creative team – what a talented bunch. So where can you catch this sight? You have to go to Burlington’s Tyandaga golf course to check it out. Tyandaga is owned and operated by the City of Burlington […]


Posted on May 17, 2012 by Marina

As submitted by a loyal Steam Whistle drinker who goes by the name of Sydney Kirk. Steam Whistle is a proud supporter of the written art in Canada by taking part in various community events, including  The Writers’ Guild of Canada. It goes without saying that when we received a screen play from a Good Beer Folk enthusiast, we were eager to read it. Especially since it’s titled THE CHRONICLES OF DOROTHY HOPS and includes Steam Whistle! So, who is Sydney? Pen name: Sydney Kirk Age: 23 Residence: Toronto Bio: A struggling writer who can’t get Steam Whistle off his mind. […]