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January 24, 2008

Steam Whistle Brewing presents UNSIGNED, the fifth in a series of Indie music concerts taking place at the Roundhouse on Friday, January 25th 2008. This edition is presented in conjunction with the North by Northeast Music and Film Festival.

The concert will feature the Canadian independent bands Major Maker, Grand Analog and We Are The Take, plus the crew from OPOPO dropping tunes between sets. $5 Tickets are available at the door. All proceeds go to the Artists’ Health Centre Foundation.

Click Here to hear tracks from the bands and link to our concert photo album.

Steam Whistle is proud of our track record as a ‘green manufacturer’. Having recently begun the collection of used bottle caps, we can now say that all packaging materials from our Pilsner production are reused or recycled.

Hammer Environmental has begun to collect the bottle caps that come back in beer cases to be reclaimed for scrap metal. Hammer also takes away compacted shrink wrap from our brewery to be melted down and made into new shrink wrap or other plastic items. Cardboard has been recycled since day one, and of course our heavy-duty green glass bottles are reused up to 35 times. Our bottles’ painted label means no pulped labels and glue will enter the waste water from bottle washing. Steam Whistle is working hard to reduce our footprint on this earth. Please help us by returning your Steam Whistle empties to The Beer Store.  Bottle caps (and notes to our staff!) can be included in the cases. Thanks!

A few months back, the crew from The Discovery Channel show “What’s That About” visited Steam Whistle Brewing to film the process of making our Pilsner. You can watch in on the fun in the episode entitled The Brewery airing on Saturday January 26th at 7pm. The show will be re-broadcast on Friday February 1st at 7am and again Saturday February 2nd at 9am. We hope you’ll catch it!

At our employee Christmas party, we have a tradition of letting staff provide the entertainment for the night. Every year the talent show grows with musical, theatrical and poetic contributions from the Good Beer Folks. This year, Chris Henderson, one of the members of Team Clean, our line cleaning and draught installation team, surprised us all with Steam Whistle Rap. Enjoy!

Greg Taylor, Brewery Co-founder was interviewed Tuesday January 22nd at 8pm on Business News Network’s Workopolis TV, sharing the story of our success in hiring talented immigrants. The archive footage is currently on BNN’s website for viewing, but not for long, so tune in now...

Greg also appeared on BNN discussing the industry’s hops and malt shortage. Watch the video here...

Toronto Breweries Make the Cut

Local beer enthusiast, Robert Hughey has been a contributor to the February Issue of international Beer magazine, Beers of the World. Steam Whistle Brewing is mentioned as well as other Ontario Brewers in his article about Toronto’s beer culture. Nice to think that beer lovers all over the world will be learning about us. We would be happy to have any globetrotting beer drinker tour our brewery. Tours run every hour, 7 days a week. For more information on tours, click here.

February Art Show

During the month of February, the Steam Whistle Gallery will host the group exhibition Urban Bound by Toronto artist collective Talent1inc. This assemblage of emerging artists’ reactions, thoughts and visions of our 21st century opens Wednesday February 6th and runs until the end of the month. Add your name to the opening night guest list by emailing:

Steam Whistle’s support helped a number of charitable events raise over $6.6million last year. An annual favourite is the Achilles Track Club St. Patrick’s Day 5kmRun/Walk with the start/finish line outside the brewery doors and an after-party in our Hall that includes a pint of beer, Irish chili and live entertainment for all participants. More info...

Save the date for COMIC VISION 2008, the annual fundraiser for the Foundation Fighting Blindness:

London - April29, 2008 - WESTERN FAIR GROUNDS
Oakville - April 30, 2008 - OE BANQUET HALL
Toronto - May 01, 2008 - KOOLHAUS
Calgary - May 07, 2008 - YUK YUK'S COMEDY CLUB

Sponsored by Steam Whistle Brewing.

Mail Bag

A few letters received this month that we’d like to share:

Ana Jurpik, the organizer of the current art show in the Steam Whistle Gallery entitled Northern Extremes, received this letter from David Suzuki. Click here for show info…

“Dear Ms Jurpik: Thank you so much for the invitation to the opening of the show. I regret that I will be in Vancouver at the time but hope I can see it when I am in Toronto. Please extend my congratulations to the people who organized the artists to go and to the artists for their contribution. It has always seemed to me that in our battles over the environment, we are trying to reason and let facts decide, but what is most needed is to touch people's hearts and emotions.  There is a huge role for artists of all kinds. Musicians have been able to reach into people's guts and tear at them. I hope artists can do the same and from the pictures you emailed me, I think the exhibition is going to have a powerful impact. Congratulations and again, thank you for your kind invitation.”  David Suzuki

Message in a Bottle Launched from Cruise Ship

“[When] we arrived at Cape Horn, the weather was foul, but I decided to give it a try. By mid afternoon we approached Cape Horn with 20 foot waves and 80 miles an hour wind near freezing temperature which is typical for "good weather". From the pitching top deck with sea spray, I launched the Steam Whistle bottle and watched it surface. I have 5 pictures one just before it went down 12 stories into the sea. 57 degrees Latitude south and 67 degrees Longitude west. So another successful launch. Happy New Year.” Frank Wimmer

Wrapped up in Steam Whistle

Carl Faber, one of our brewers was presented with this wonderful hand-knit blanket from his mother this past Christmas. Now he can enjoy a Steam Whistle Pilsner even in his sleep!  (blanket pictured left)

“An absolutely magnificent brew” Adam C., Alberta

“Just wanted to send a quick email to let ya know how fantastic you've been for our last two keg events.  You certainly exceeded our expectations.  Your home delivery service really fills a need for us condo dwellers, and the flash chiller is certainly a conversation topic.” Keenan C., Toronto

For more information on Home Delivery, click here...

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