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November 9, 2007

Steam Whistle hosts Bullfrog Power’s
Second Anniversary Bash

Steam Whistle played host to the anniversary party of the green electricity provider Bullfrog Power this October. 
Gord Downie, Bullfrog customer and environmental advocate, showed his support by playing to a capacity crowd here at the Roundhouse.  Bullfrog Power provides non-profits, consumers and businesses (including Steam Whistle), with a new way to support renewable power.


Steam Whistle uses 100% green electricity in the making of our beer and in powering our facilities here at the brewery.  Want to find out more about Bullfrog?  Check out their website at www.bullfrogpower.com

UNSIGNED:  Steam Whistle’s Indie Music Series

Sunparlour Players  (photo credit Corbin Smith)

On September 13, Steam Whistle hosted our third Unsigned concert of the year; eye magazine’s top “Pick of the Week”.  Steam Whistle formed a partnership the Artists’ Health Centre Foundation, making them the charitable recipient of over $1200 from concert ticket sales.

Mark Your Calendar: UNSIGNED is back with concert number four, November 16

This show will feature The Carps, OPOPO and The Bicycles, plus Dan and Paul from Woodhands rocking between sets with the first ever Woodhands vs. Woodhands super-DJ-battle.

About The Bands
The Carps thrive on ingenuity and vicissitude.  A combination of punk rock and electric sounds. They sound like nothing you could imagine, and everything you’d like to. Toronto electro-punk outfit OPOPO has been hailed by NOW Magazine as “an unorthodox concoction of raw modern rock and post-rave dance music.” Toronto quintet the Bicycles has the 1960’s bubblegum sound nailed, but there is also a spiky D.I.Y. quality to their music that connects them to like-minded acts such as the Apples in Stereo or Of Montreal.
Click here for a music sampling...

Three bands were featured in this rockabilly evening, Rural Alberta Advantage, The Sunparlour Players, and Two Minute Miracles.

LISTEN UP! (Download MP3 audio file)
Check out the Edge interview from Sept. 13 with Steam Whistle music gurus and Unsigned organizers Chris Goddard and Matt Weed.

World Rock Paper Scissors Championships held again at The Roundhouse

Andrea Farina won the battle here at the Roundhouse on Saturday, Oct. 14 and was the first woman to be crowned Rock Paper Scissors World champion.  Surprised by her win, when asked what her strategy was she replied, “its fun trying to get into peoples' heads and it's nice to be around so many other people who are having fun."

Steamie battling it out with Captain Morgan

The Steam Whistle Art Gallery
What’s Exhibiting
November 7th – 30th

Between the Sky and the Red Devil

The Steam Whistle Art Gallery is hosting a joint exhibit to highlight the works of Canadian artists Cathy Groulx and Rita Milton.  Featuring a mixture of realistic florals, landscapes and rural themes, the exhibit will run for the entire month of November.


Steam Whistle wins Immigrant Success Award

2007 IS Award Winners:  Steam Whistle Brewing, Xerox Research Centre of Canada, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, George Brown College, Sischa Maharaj, and Alan Rego
(second from left, Greg Taylor, Steam Whistle Co-Founder)

In September Steam Whistle was awarded the Immigrant Success Award, in the Small Employer category, by the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council.  More than half the Steam Whistle management team is comprised of skilled immigrants, including a Czech Brewmaster, Sri Lankan CFO, Portuguese Bottling Supervisor, and Cuban Quality Assurance Manager. One of our favorite stories is that of Stefan Atton, Director of Marketing.  Moving to Canada from Sri Lanka, Stefan found it difficult to find work in his Brand Management field, often being rejected for jobs because of lack of Canadian experience.  Luckily he called then Director of Marketing Sybil Taylor, who was looking to change her responsibilities.  That was five years ago, and Stefan has been steering the marketing vision of Steam Whistle to great success ever since.

Listen In! (Download MP3 audio file) Hear the CBC Radio interview with Director of Marketing Stefan Atton, and Communications Manager, Sybil Taylor.


(Mike Garth, Alberta Retail Sales and Chris Goddard, Marketing Manager)

Steam Whistle recently visited The Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival in Alberta.  One of the hottest tickets in both Calgary and Edmonton, this consumer shows offer a sampling experience like none other.  As Alberta is a developing market for Steam Whistle, a lot of people are trying our Pilsner for the first time.  “I never get used to seeing the happy look on show goers faces when they sample their first Steam Whistle”, maintains Chris Goddard, Marketing Manager.  Chris joined twin brother Brad, our Alberta Regional manager, for both tradeshows.  Spreading the word, has been working for Steam Whistle, and thanks to Brad, its doing very well out west.  One Albertan’s reaction to their first swig of the golden brew, “you need to suck it back immediately!”  That’s right folks Steam Whistle is no sipping beer out west.

“Dear Cam and Greg, 
Last weekend, Sept 8 and 9, I was a participant in The Weekend to End Breast Cancer.  I know a lot of walkers were disappointed when it was discovered that the route had been reversed from last year, meaning no pub to pass by on the final day.  A congratulatory beer is pretty much mandatory in our group after walking the better part of 60 K - 57 to be exact - at that point in the walk  Needless to say, my teammates and I were very happy when we learned that the final pit stop for the day was at your brewery.  Not only did it mean we got beer, but great beer at that.  I wanted to take a moment to say a great big thank you from our team and the rest of the walkers for not only allowing us to stop into your establishment, but also providing us with complimentary beer.  It was not expected and greatly appreciated.  I believe you have created many new fans of the beer you brew very well. 
Sincerely, Trish G.”

Weekend to End Breast Cancer participants enjoy muchneeded refreshment

Mail Bag

A few letters received this month that we’d like to share:

Hello Guys,
Just wanted to let you know what a FABULOUS time we had at your beer tasting/tour the other night. I had a friend over from Bulgaria who owns a 5 star resort in Plovdiv & he was quite AMAZED at the quality of your beer & your facilities. Being from Europe & having endless choices of beer from around the EU - he really thought Steam Whistle was a superior beer to the likes of Beck's & Pilsner Urquell & many other European beers Also I must comment on how GREAT Rachael & Colin were - I guess that’s what makes Steam Whistle so successful is having GREAT people, those 2 would be a GREAT asset to any Fortune 100 company. Rachael made the entire tour fun & also educational. She's a real firecracker! Great job & thank you again
Yours truly, Brent H.

Hi there, I just wanted to say what a great time I had on a Steam Whistle tour on Saturday. I believe Jiv was our tour guide; he was absolutely hilarious! The tour was really informative, Jiv made it really fun, and I learned lots about one of my favourite beers. Thanks again for a great time, and I'll be back for sure!
Cheers! Ian H.

Brewery Tours are offered hourly:
Monday – Saturday 1pm to 5pm
Sunday 1pm to 4pm

Click Here for more tour info...

And one from Alberta,

I was recently at the beer store picking up a 6-pack for my monthly poker game.  I tend to drink a variety of beers, and don't have a "regular" brand.  However, when I saw the Steam Whistle at the store (which I had not purchased in some time but do enjoy) I immediately recalled reading about Steam Whistle's support and use of Bullfrog Power.  I am also a Bullfrog customer and was encouraged to hear about your company making this decision.  I look forward to making Steam Whistle my regular beer in support of your environmentally conscious business practices.
Thanks!  Jonathan T. Lethbridge AB

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We have a winner! 
Adele Mclean of Peterborough, ON won our LCBO retro fridge contest.  She is now the proud owner of a retro style Northstar fridge. Thank you to all who entered.

In the News

On October 18th our Co-Founders Cam and Greg were honored as finalists in the 2007 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year Awards

Captain Robbie Carter of the Aurora Barbarians hoists the cup after his team beat The Balmy Beach Rugby club to win the Marshall League presented by Steam Whistle Brewing. The Barbarians also won the McCormick Cup this season. This is the first time the Barbarians have won the Marshall League since 1956. www.aurorabarbarians.com

Sean Aiken who worked at the brewery for one week during his quest to work one job a week for 52 weeks, made the cover of this Chinese magazine.  Sean is continuing his quest to find the perfect job across North America.  Steam Whistle was week #19 for the B.C. native. To keep up with Sean, check out his blog at www.oneweekjob.com

Halloween Photo Gallery
Steam Whistle hosted one wild Halloween Party this year. You can check out some of the hundreds that dressed up for the occasion. Visit the Photo Gallery

Operation Santa:
Beer to the Troops

For the second year, Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan will be receiving a holiday care package from the Good Beer Folks at Steam Whistle Brewing. We are hoping that you, the public, will add your good wishes. Canadians can come into the brewery and sign a banner which will be displayed in the Kandahar mess hall for their Christmas Party. The Banner simply reads "Thank you Troops! Holiday wishes from..."

If a brewery visit isn’t possible, you can email troops@steamwhistle.ca or call 1-866-240-2337 ext 282 with a supporting message. Thank you!

Bottoms up! Cheers,
From the crew at Steam Whistle

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