Steam Whistle Brewing December E-News
Give the gift of beer

It's that time of the year again and Steam Whistle wants to share with you this holiday season!

Stuck on gift ideas? Why not give a gift that you know will be appreciated: beer! Bring a Holiday 12 pack of Steam Whistle Pilsner to your next gathering and share the joy with your family, friends, co-workers and neighbours. No cards required - our packs come with a "To & From" tag for gift giving made easy! Use our website locator to find a retailer near you.

  More Gift Ideas from Steam Whistle

Take a look at our e-store for some great beer lovers gift ideas, like the retro style magnetic Wall Mounted Opener. Other e-store items include glassware, frisbees, openers, hoodies, hats and coolers. Also, visit a liquor or beer store in Ontario, Alberta or BC for other gift packs.

  A Steam Whistle Toast on New Year's Eve

If you want to spend your New Year's Eve with Steam Whistle, take a look at these upcoming events:

Ring in the new year with a cold Pilsner in your hand!

  Share your favourite holiday moments!

Between the parties, family & friends, potlucks and gifts, holidays make for a wonderful time. What is your favourite holiday moment? Tell us to receive your own gift from the Good Beer Folks.

Email by December 20th.

  Giving the gift of beer all year long.  

Giving the gift of beer all year long

What would you do if Steam Whistle showed up at your workplace on Friday at 5pm? Read all about out it in our blog post that talks about rewarding hard working folks with some "Quitting Time" brews.

  Steam Whistle Inspired Christmas Trees  

Steam Whistle inspired Christmas Trees

Thanks to Solita W at Reworks Upcycle Shop and Rob B for sending these in and sharing these fantastic photos with us. Cheers folks!

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