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Get Your Free Retro Opener Inside Your Suitcase 12 Pack Today

This is Steam Whistle's 6th year rewarding our drinkers with original RETRO OPENER in suitcase 12packs of Steam Whistle Pilsner. You loyalists know it is a little more challenging to open our crimp bottle cap than the standard twisty, but the superior seal it offers makes it worth the trouble when you enjoy that brewery fresh taste in every bottle. You'll find specially marked cases in beer stores across Ontario, Alberta and B.C. while supplies last. We've put thousands of them in cases and hope that you enjoy receiving them.

  Green Drinks Toronto

MAY 2-4 marks the unofficial start of Canadian summer and Barbequing is a big part of that. Since 2006, Steam Whistle has paired with Team Cedar Grilling, Canadian BBQ Grand Champions, with our Pilsner being one of the ingredients in their winning recipes, and for quenching the thirst of the team as they toil in competition. Steve Adams, team leader and passionate griller, shares some of his BBQ Tips and Award-winning recipes.


Smoking option:
Soak your wood chips in Steam Whistle Pilsner, drain and wrap the wood chips in tinfoil; poke the foil pack several times with a fork. Add package to the direct heat side of the BBQ to create smoke.

What is the Difference between Lump and Briquette charcoal?
Lump charcoal is a natural charcoal that burns very hot, fast and clean. Lump is great for grilling. Briquette charcoal is charcoal dust that is compressed together with a cornstarch binder to hold its round shape. Briquettes are more suited for the low and slow indirect cooking method. Team Cedar Grilling uses Maple Leaf Lump Charcoal.

How to light Charcoal The Easy Way:
Lay two sheets of paper towel flat and drizzle olive oil in an 'S' pattern over each square of paper towel. Lightly twist each piece, lay on the charcoal and light with a match.

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  Keeping it in the Family  

Keeping it in the Family

You may have heard our radio ads currently playing on stations across Canada where our beer is served. Like most of the Steam Whistle branding, support materials and merchandise, this radio commercial was created in-house.

The radio voices are none other than our Czech Brewmaster, Marek and one of our drivers, Craig. No hired hands. The real deal.

Click Here to Listen to the Ad.

  Win a Steam Whistle Prize Pack  

Summer is upon us and we can help keep you refreshed in the warm weather!

You could WIN a "WELCOME SUMMER" prize pack including: a Steam Whistle cooler, and summer swag (retail value: $250).

To enter, send an email to including a picture of you enjoying a Steam Whistle and tell us about your favourite summer activity. We'll post the photos on our FaceBook page. Winners will be selected on May 20, 2011. Good luck!



"I've had 3 Steam Whistle tours... And all 3 tours were different in their own way. But, at the end of the tour everyone is happy. My most memorable part of the tour is the delicious, fresh beer you get out of the line, just a minute old."
Amanda F. (Toronto)

"I had an incredible VIP tour with Bailey about a month ago - amazing experience. It was like being taken around by a close friend"
Chris G. (Toronto)

"I dropped by Steam Whistle on a grey, rainy day but it was all smiles at Steam Whistle. I enjoyed generous Steam Whistle samples while waiting for the tour to start. Phil (tour guide) offered me a pellet of hops and I'm happy to have ate the hops, because today I can pick up the distinct taste in beer. I was really impressed by the tour, the facility, and the staff. Cheers!"
Glen Bilodeau (Mont. St. Hilaire)

Come see behind the scenes at Steam Whistle Brewery, meet the Good Beer Folks and sample our Pilsner! Click here for tour times and info.


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