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October 2013

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Calling All Artists, Our Gallery Needs You!

Steam Whistle Brewing is looking for group exhibitions by emerging artists to showcase in our unique gallery space during 2014. Submission deadline is November 15th. Click here to apply »

Our Gallery Features:

  • Commission-free and rent-free space for a month long show.
  • Your opening night reception at the brewery, including food, music and bar service. 250 person capacity.
  • Assistance with Art Show promotion: website event calendar listing; e-news, Twitter, & Facebook Mentions; Press Release sent to media.

In return, one piece of work from the exhibition is added to our permanent collection and displayed for the 100,000 annual visitors to see.

Good luck!


Oktoberfest: Do you have your stein?

Upcoming Events

Say hi to the Good Beer Folks!

See when we’re hosting something in your town and check out our Events Listings.

From the Blog

Fun Oktoberfest Facts (you probably don’t know)

Behind the Scenes

behind the scenes

Through the eyes of a Steam Whistle rep… ensuring we get you ready for the weekend.

St. Paddy's Day Photos  

Through the month of October, participating bars and restaurants will have 1L ceramic steins of Steam Whistle available. Want your own? Take a look at these locations to see if your local spot has them. Not available anywhere else!

If you haven’t checked out our Facebook page for photos from our Oktoberfest parties take a look »


Meet our Brewmaster, Marek Mikunda

We Always Use Our Own Employees  

Marek is filled with passion for crafting the perfect Pilsner. "You need to put a lot of dedication in to beer," says Marek. "Otherwise you won't have a great product." Marek's love for brewing started at a young age in the Czech Republic. He always knew he wanted to be a brewmaster so he started at a brewing technical school at just 15. Listen to his story here.


NEW Unsigned Website!

Mack Truck Shirts  

We’re huge supporters of developing the future of Canada’s music community with our Unsigned concert series that showcases Canada’s top indie music talent and have just revamped our Unsigned website. Check it out and tell us what you think! Also, don’t forget to connect with Unsigned on Twitter and Instagram for the latest music news!


The Centre of Excellence Awards

Steam Whistle wins in The Centre of Excellence Awards  

Also known as the "Industry Choice Awards", the awards show is meant to celebrate the work of Ontario Craft Brewers. Steam Whistle Pilsner took home two awards for “Product Quality and Process Innovation” and “Sustainability Accomplishments”. Cheers to that!

Steam Whistle Mail Bag
Dedication at its Finest

Chris Carnell enjoys a Steam Whistle in Florida

  Dedication at its Finest

Dedication at its finest

  Dedication at its Finest

Fantastic drawing by Robert Taylor

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